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The Woodland Witch

Copper Viking Ring

Copper Viking Ring

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These rustic, Viking-Style rings are hammered from a single piece of recycled copper. 

They are adjustable, so can be bent open or closed to fit most adult fingers. They are available in three sizes, small (approx 1.7cm across) and med (approx 2.1cm across) and large (approx 2.6cm across). All are adjustable. 

If you have very small or very large fingers, I can always make you a custom order, just send me a message!

They look great on both men and women alike, and suit a multitude of styles, including viking and streampunk! 

Over time, the copper will naturally react with the air, to a darker colour. If worn regularly, any raised or frequently touched parts will naturally polish. The effect will be unique depending on the person who uses it.

You can easily polish the metal with Brasso and a soft cloth, avoiding the inner black band, so you dont remove the colour. If that doesn’t do it,
then some fine grade wire wool will take off any oxidisation, it will however leave a (pleasant) brushed finish. Wear gloves and a mask when using wire wool.

Copper commonly leaves a green mark on your skin, but it’s only copper oxide! It’s totally harmless, and washes off easily. It depends on the amount of moisture the copper is in contact with, so removing jewellery before you wash is a big help.

There are a couple of easy solutions to green skin! To form a barrier between your skin and the copper, coat the inside of the piece with clear nail varnish or bees wax. Nail varnish is long lasting, and you may already have some. Beeswax is a natural alternative, but needs to be reapplied when it rubs off.

If you are looking to absorb any of the holistic properties that copper is believed to have, then these solutions are not for you. 

Please see my FAQ page for more details on coppers traditional and holistic properties. 

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