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The Woodland Witch

Slim Copper Cuff

Slim Copper Cuff

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Size (wrist circumference)

I make these wide cuffs from 100% recycled copper.

They looks great on their own, or stacked.

They are 1cm wide, and approx 2m thick, making them pretty sturdy. However, you can squeeze them to get the right fit for your arm.

If you feel like you will need one that smaller or larger that what I offer, just order the custom size, and send me a message in your order with your cusom measurements. 

I use a ball pein hammer to shape them and deliberately leave the tools marks to create a rippled texture.

The copper will tarnish and oxidize over time, turning a darker brown colour. If you like this effect you can leave it. If you prefer it to be shiny, you can easily polish it up again with some Brasso and a soft cloth.

The copper might make your skin go green with copper oxide occasionally, this is harmless and washed off. But you can easily prevent this by rubbing bees wax on the inside of the Cuff, or by painting the inside with clear nail varnish.

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