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The Woodland Witch

Tea Spoon

Tea Spoon

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This charming copper spoon is made from one piece of recycled metal.

I use the traditional methods of hammering out the shape with a ball and pein hammer, until i have the shape just right.

Each spoon is slightly different as all the work is done by hand and judged by eye. Each spoon hold approximately 1tsp.

This spoon is perfect for measuring out coffee, or lose leaf tea. It would also work well for sugar and spices. It would also make a beautiful ornament.


                      ***PLEASE BE AWARE***

This spoon is made from pure untreated copper and should not be used in liquids or wet foods. The copper will affect the taste of the food, and in very very rare circumstances create harmful by-products.

The copper will oxidise and darken over time. If like me, you like this effect, you can leave it. If you prefer the bright shiny copper, you can just rub it with some brasso to restore the brightness.

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