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The Woodland Witch

Trinity Bangle

Trinity Bangle

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Size (diameter of your knuckles)

I've combined silver copper and brass in this interlocking Bangle. All three hoops are connected to each other and roll over each other easily as you wear it.


The copper is Recycled electrical wire, and the silver is also Recycled. Eco Silver is my supplier, and they make all their jewellery supplies from reclaimed and recycled silver.


I use a ball pein hammer to shape each ring and deliberately leave the tools marks to create a rippled texture.


The metals will tarnish and oxidize over time, turning a darker colour. If you like this effect you can leave it. If you prefer it to be shiny, you can easily polish it up again with a bit of Brasso for the base metals and Silvo for the silver. If you wear the Bangle frequently, the wear and tear of life will polish the metal for you!

This delightful, light weight Bangle is great for everyday wear, or can easily be part of elegant evening outfit.

Measure across the widest part of your knuckles with your thumb tucked in to find your size. Alternatively, send me a message if you're not sure, or need a custom size.

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